Friday, 7 December 2007

Paatos, Kallocain

Sweden, 2004.
In my opinion, this is the best Paatos album, one of those works that unfortunately has been doomed to remain in obscurity. Kallocain mixes a soft art rock with jazz, trip-hop and electronic elements, creating a dreamy and hypnotic sound.


1. gasoline
2. holding on
3. happiness
4. absinth minded
5. look at us
6. reality
7. stream
8. won't be coming back
9. in time



Federica said...

I didn't find another way to contact you so here it is:
I own a music blog that offers full albums for download (electronica, post-rock, funk, trip-hop, world).
you can check it out and if possible add it to your links. I will do so as well of course.
Thank you!
best wishes from Federica.

kollaps said...

Hello, Federica.
First of all, thanks for your visit. You have a very nice blog with eclectic music. Even though we seem to post mainly different genres, I think there's no problem in adding Secret Music Box to our links. Diversity is good and I will definitely download some albums from your blog myself. :)

Federica said...

Thank you for your reply and warm words about my blog, and just one suggestion: maybe you should consider adding a message box to your blog (like i have), it's easier for ppl to communicate and discuss music and general issues about your site :) is a good one.
I like your blog and the music mainly because i like the combination between rock and electronica, i think this is the "future" music. Also i like to discover new bands and styles, so keep on posting great stuff (i'm downloading few albums now). You've got my full support :)

kollaps said...

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, Federica, we have just added the message box. It's actually a very good idea, but since we're new to blogging we hadn't thought of it yet.
Best wishes for your blog as well. We'll be visiting. :)