Sunday, 30 December 2007

Magyar Posse, Kings Of Time

Finland, 2004.

Magyar Posse are a Finnish instrumental post-rock band formed in 2000. This album, their second release, has a very cinematic atmosphere and sounds absolutely perfect.


1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI
7. VII



bleak said...

it says the link is no longer avaliable. :(

hurry up, I want to download the album.

kollaps said...

the link is fixed now, it was a minor html mistake. sorry.

bleak said...

thanks. :)

tunestop said...


Yves said...


I know i'm not writing at the good place but i can't find an e-mail to contact your team. I recently recorded a cd called "Neverending boxes" with my band Krashtest (France). If you have some time, you can download it for free on our myspace : It's a mix of math metal, saxophone, post-metal and many other things. I tell you this, because we'll be pleased to appear on your website - we've discovered so much great bands on your page like Estradasphere or Russian circle.

Sorry for the (bad) english and the place of my comments.

I let you my e-mail if you're interested by my proposition :

See ya!

kollaps said...

thanks for your message, Yves.

I would like to hear your band's album but I somehow am finding it difficult to download from myspace (maybe because I'm not a registered user, I don't really know). could you possibly compress the album and upload it somewhere else?

thanks in advance.

Yves said...


thanks for answering. It took me some time to answer because i believed my post was deleted. Here is a link to listen to our cd :

You don't have to register, it's a common program of free downloading.

Mail me if you still have difficulties to access to our music :

Roach class,