Thursday, 6 December 2007

Estradasphere, It's Understood

US, 2000.
Demented eclectic music from the bastard children of Mr Bungle. Country meets gypsy metal meets Nintendo in an all-out attempt at proving they have more creativity and technical ability than almost every half-arsed prog band out there, and they do it whilst having fun. And prove it they did.


1. Hunger Strike
2. Cloud Land
3. The Transformation
4. Danse Of Tosho & Slavi/Randy's Desert Adventure
5. The Trials And Tribulations Of Parking On Your Front Lawn
6. The Princes Of 'Xibalba': The Princes
7. The Princes Of 'Xibalba': Los Dias Sin Dias
8. The Princes Of 'Xibalba': XQuiQ
9. The Princes Of 'Xibalba': Hunnahpu & Xbalanque
10. Spreading The Disease
11. Planet Sparkle/Court Yard Battle 1
12. D Flat Hell

Link (megaupload).


bleak said...

gotta love the review.

closure said...

heh. \oo/