Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Orphaned Land, Mabool

Israel, 2004.
"Mabool: The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven" is the third album by Orphaned Land. The concept revolves around the great biblical deluge and the division of the three Abrahamic religions. Amazing progressive metal sound with middle eastern folk influences.


1. Birth of the Three (The Unification)
2. Ocean Land (The Revelation)
3. The Kiss of Babylon (The Sins)
4. A'salk
5. Halo Dies (The Wrath of God)
6. A Call to Awake (The Quest)
7. Building the Ark
8. Norra el Norra (Entering the Ark)
9. The Calm Before the Flood
10. Mabool (The Flood)
11. The Storm Still Rages Inside
12. Rainbow (The Resurrection)