Saturday, 28 June 2008

Giant Squid, Metridium Fields

US, 2006

Giant Squid produce Neurosis-like stoner/metal, but with dual vocal harmonies akin to Pure Reason Revolution. The follow-up to their impressive End Records debut should be released in January 2009.

01 - Megaptera in the Delta
02 - Neonate
03 - Versus the Siren
04 - Ampullae of Lorenzini
05 - Summit
06 - Eating Machine
07 - Revolution in the Water
08 - Metridium Field



Friday, 27 June 2008

Battles, Mirrored

US, 2007

I vaguely remember hearing Mirrored back when it was released but for some reason it never really caught my attention until I gave it a few more tries recently. I'm baffled as to why this didn't catch my attention the first time, the vocals alone are distinctive enough to set it apart from most bands, and the rhythm section ushers Stanier back into the spotlight after playing with Helmet and Tomahawk. I'm just glad I gave this album a second chance.


01 - Race : In
02 - Atlas
03 - Ddiamondd
04 - Tonto
05 - Leyendecker
06 - Rainbow
07 - Bad Trails
08 - Prismism
09 - Snare Hangar
10 - Tij
11 - Race : Out



Thursday, 26 June 2008

Twin Zero, The Tomb to Every Hope

UK, 2006

If you enjoyed Dredg and Khoma, you might want to check out Twin Zero. Despite coming from a slighter heavier background, they manage to mix in all the right elements from prog/post-rock. Hopefully they'll be releasing a new album soon.


01 - Fading Pulse
02 - Home
03 - Outstayed
04 - Acceptance of the End
05 - Light Our Way Back
06 - The Tomb to Every Hope
07 - Static Reigns I
08 - Static Reigns II
09 - Blood Red Sun
10 - Retreat



Monday, 16 June 2008

José Cid, 10.000 Anos depois entre Vénus e Marte

Portugal, 1978

Prog-rock cult classic. This album is remarkable and criminally overlooked. Mellotron/moog heavy and with plenty of Pink Floyd influences (Great Gig in the Sky in particular comes to mind), the album somehow failed to make an impact and ultimately lead to the creative demise of José Cid, who would go on to erect a successful career as a popular pop artist of the Barry Manilow variety. Recently the album has received a lot more interest, particularly due to the raving reviews on Progarchives and it thus garnered some of the attention it originally deserved. Enjoy.

(Posts have come pretty slow lately since this time of year is always a bit hectic.)

01 - O Último Dia Na Terra
02 - O Caos
03 - Fuga Para o Espaço
04 - Mellotron o Planeta Fantástico
05 - 10.000 Anos Depois Entre Venus e Marte
06 - A Partir do Zero
07 - Memos



Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Icarus Line, Penance Soiree

US, 2004

Great punk rock meets shoegaze from Aaron North's old band (ex-NIN). Nothing they did before or since has quite achieved the brilliance of this album, which cemented Icarus Line as the bastard children of The Stooges and The Jesus and the Mary Chain.

01 - Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers
02 - Spit on It
03 - On the Lash
04 - Caviar
05 - Spike Island
06 - Kiss Like Lizards
07 - Getting Bright at Night
08 - Big Sleep
09 - White Devil
10 - Meatmaker
11 - Virgin Velcro
12 - Sea Sick
13 - Party the Baby Off



Monday, 2 June 2008

LITE, Phantasia

Japan, 2008

While most blogs overflow with daily uploads, I've been constantly in awe at soundweave's rare, but incredibly good, posts. This album is taken from the last batch of updates, and is a great instrumental album. Other albums I recommend (and which may in the future be posted on SpiralCircus) are by Audrey and Secret Chiefs 3 latest album. Enjoy.

***NOTE: Links removed by request 04/06***


01 - Ef
02 - Contra
03 - Infinite Mirror
04 - Shinkai
05 - Black and White
06 - Interlude
07 - Ghost Dance
08 - Solitude
09 - Phantasia
10 - Fade
11 - Sequel to the Letter

***Links removed by request***


Sun Kil Moon, April

US, 2008

I don't usually listen to much indie/folk, but this pretty much solo effort by Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters) caught my attention recently. Brooding vocals coupled with subtle layering of guitars. Songs are generally longer than typical singer-songwriter takes, with my favourite "Tonight the Sky" clocking in just over ten minutes.


01 - Lost Verses
02 - The Light
03 - Lucky Man
04 - Unlit Hallway
05 - Heron Blue
06 - Moorestown
07 - Harper Road
08 - Tonight the Sky
09 - Like the River
10 - Tonight in Bilbao
11 - Blue Orchids

April (bonus disc):
01 - Tonight in Bilbao (alternate version)
02 - The Light (alternate version)
03 - Like the River (alternate version)
04 - Tonight the Sky (alternate version)



Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Chronicles of Israfel, Starborn, Tome 1

Canada, 2007

I should probably start off by stating I dislike Dream Theater with a passion, and am immensely bored with cliché Ayreon-like concept albums that are used as redeeming features for crap music way too often. Enter The Chronicles of Israfel, a band compared to DT and with a sci-fi concept album. The cynic in me wouldn't give this a chance under normal circumstances, but since it was recommended on our group I decided to give it a shot... and damn, was I surprised.

While not perfect, this is way too enjoyable to pass on. I understand why they get compared to Dream Theater, since DT do sound like this... 10 seconds at a time. However TCoI never drown their songs in unnecessarily complex technical passages, and never stray away from the focus of the song: melody. The result is far edgier, where simplicity actually emphasizes their musicianship rather than take from it.

Thanks are due to Nowitzki15002 for recommending this.


01 - Starborn, Part I: Empire of Light
02 - Starborn, Part II: Citizen
03 - Starborn, Part III: On a Forever Road
04 - Burning Day
05 - The Equinigma
06 - Laudanum
07 - Nation
08 - Born Fighting
09 - Kill Division
10 - New Mood Therapy for a Medicated Babylon
11 - Eugenics
12 - Home to Oblivion
13 - Lacrima Christi