Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Liquid Trio Experiment, Spontaneous Combustion

US, 1998/2007

This release was a surprise for me, as Liquid Tension Experiment have been dead for quite some time. The album is composed of material recorded in 1998 by Portnoy/Levin/Ruddess in the absence of Petrucci, who took leave to be with his wife as she went into labor.

LTE might be "that Dream Theater band without the vocalist", but it's amazing how different it sounds without a high-pitched squeal delivering nursery school poetry every few seconds. LTE also seems to be more about the music, rather than a clash between instruments trying to gain their claim to fame, and this release, stripped down to only three elements, is even more successful in indulging in experimentation without crossing into excess. Might not be for everyone ("omgz, no guitar solos! or hair conditioner!"), but Ruddess' performance on Fire Dance alone should make it worth a listen.


1. Chris And Kevin's Bogus Journey
2. Hot Rod
3. Rpp
4. Hawaiian Funk
5. Cappuccino
6. Jazz Odyssey
7. Fire Dance
8. The Rubberband Man
9. Holes
10. Tony's Nightmare
11. Boom Boom
12. Return Of The Rubberband Man
13. Disneyland Symphony


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