Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Archive, Controlling Crowds Part IV

England, 2009

This album is the key piece of Controlling Crowds.
Highly Recommended if you're an Archive fan.


1. Pills
2. Lines
3. The Empty Bottle
4. Remove
5. Come On Get High
6. Thought Conditioning
7. The Feeling Of Losing Everything
8. Blood In Numbers
9. To The End
10. Pictures
11. Lunar Bender

*Updated Link.*


kollaps said...

Yay!! Downloading it right away. :)

kollaps said...

I'm afraid this file has the same problem as the other one. I can't extract the songs.

nuagenoir said...

cannot extract them?
or is it a codec thing?

kollaps said...

well, I couldn't extract them... I tried downloading the file twice, and it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of an Archive fan but Controlling Crowds & Controlling Crowds Part IV are very disappointing.

nuagenoir said...

i'll be updating the link today.

kollaps said...

Thanks, P.

Anonymous: really? I haven't listened to this one yet, but I didn't find Controlling Crowds disappointing.

nuagenoir said...


Anonymous, I agree with kollaps!