Monday, 22 September 2008

Orange Tulip Conspiracy, Self-titled

US, 2008

Jason Schimmel's most recent project, this album features Estradasphere and Secret Chiefs 3 bandmates. From one of the very few reviews I could find:

"It swings, it sways, it grooves and it rocks-these guys can play anything with frighteningly epic precision: eccentric lounge, Italian Giallo, futuristic metal, café’ Romany, near eastern jazz. These are merely vague points of reference as descriptions like these don’t do the music justice. These tracks are lean and tasty without a spec of fat on the plate blending classic retro styles with new ideas that cannot be properly articulated. "



Anonymous said...

could you re upload this please!!the megaupload link isn't working..please please please =)

kollaps said...

It's been uploaded. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

thank you, its beautiful =)

Copen-Z said...

damn, I've been looking for this one... muchos gracias!