Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Noekk, The Water Sprite

Germany, 2005.

Full of atmospheric doom yet strangely alluring, The Water Sprite opens with soft piano arpeggios that herald a peaceful walk through nature, then suddenly delivers a sonic blow in an avalanche of instrumental frenzy before retreating into itself again. Extremely moody, it exudes a mysticism and gloomy melencholy not unlike ÄNGLAGÅRD or LANDBERK and, to a certain extent, KING CRIMSON for the keyboard work. The lyrics are appropriately serious and profound (one of the tracks, btw. is penned J.R.R. Tolkien). Experimental, moody, intriguing. (ProgArchives)


1. The Watersprite
2. T.B.'s Notion
3. Strange Mountain
4. How Fortunate the Man with None
5. The Fiery Flower
6. Moonface is Dead
7. The Riddle Seeker


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