Tuesday, 30 September 2008

65daysofstatic, The Destruction of Small Ideas

UK, 2007

The Destruction of Small Ideas is 65daysofstatic's third and most recent album. The album's beauty speaks for itself. Also, 65dos counted on Circle Takes The Square for the perfect ending.


1 - When We Were Younger & Better

2 - A Failsafe
3 - Don't Go Down to Sorrow

4 - Wax Futures
5 - These Things You Can't Unlearn
6 - Lyonesse
7 - Music is Music as Devices are Kisses is Everything
8 - The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties
9 - Little Victories
10 - Primer
11 - White Peak/Dark Peak
12 - The Conspiracy of Seeds



kollaps said...

hmm... i don't actually know if i should be downloading things from college. but i want this album. :P

bleak said...


kollaps said...

iá... saquei. mas na verdade acho que não é muito boa ideia, porque uma vez que utilizo uma rede da universidade, isto provavelmente é monitorizado. :(

there goes the pr0n.

bleak said...

vocês não podem partilhar tudo entre utilizadores da mesma rede?