Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Portland Cello Project, The Thao & Justin Power Sessions

US, 2009.

The Portland Cello Project is an “indie cello orchestra”, that is to say the combination of a group of classically trained cellists with different musicians and vocalists of the Portland indie scene. This album is the collaboration of the band with Thao (from Thao with The Get Down Stay Down) and Justin Power.


1. The Lamb
2. Beat (Health, Life And Fire) (Featuring Thao)
3. Cut The Rope (Featuring Justin Power)
4. Mouth For War
5. Tallymarks (Featuring Thao)
6. Por Una Cabeza
7. Violet (Featuring Thao)
8. Hungry Liars (Featuring Justin Power)
9. Geography (Featuring Thao)
10. Seeds May Fall (Featuring Justin Power)
11. Turkish Wine
12. Travel (Featuring Justin Power)


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