Thursday, 29 July 2010

Eyvind Kang, Virginal Co-ordinates

US, 2004

«Kang’s work is difficult to classify, but can broadly be seen as a classical approach to jazz music with punk, ambient, and traditional folk influences. However, each of his solo efforts is almost in a different genre. Kang has also worked with musicians including Mike Patton, John Zorn, Trey Spruance, Tim Young, Marc Ribot and Beck, supporting the latter during a 2000 tour of Japan. In addition, he has been a guest musician on many albums, including Bill Frisell’s Quartet (1994), Secret Chiefs 3’s Book M and playing the viola on five of Laura Veirs’ albums.»


1. Go In a Good Way to a Better Place
2. I Am the Dead

3. Doorway to the Sun
4. Occultum Lapidem
5. Harbour of the Nade
6. Virginal Co-ordinates
7. Sidi Bou Said
8. Innocent Eye, Crystal See
9. Marriage of Days


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