Sunday, 11 July 2010

Kira Kira, Our Map To The Monster Olympics

Iceland, 2008.

"Our Map to the Monster Olympics is a twisting, sometimes terrifying, often glorious and touching kaleidoscope of a record. Swarms of fragmented voices mouth melodies through home made microphones while contact-miced Kalimbas fight for breath in seas of beautifully damaged technicolour, granulated shotgun beats fire from sniper positions in foreboding atmospheres- AND YET armies of glockenspiels, brass and casios remind us that everything will, in fact, be ok."


1. Sjarmaland Intro
2. Melur Sjarmur
3. Ágústskot
4. Gremlin Holiday
5. Happahrolfur Salhsu
6. Bless
7. Langti Burtu Bua Vinir
8. One Eyed Waltz
9. Beach Box Disasters
10. Hjartafanturrin Skrajafur


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