Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Seven Saturdays, Self-titled

US, 2010.

"Seven Saturdays tries to hide behind the label “minimalist,” but my experience was quite the opposite. Native Angeleno Jonathan D. Haskell has found a way to effect the sensation of being temporally somewhere between Scotland and his homeland. The juxtaposition between the cobblestone of the old country and the winding of Mulholland Drive creates a viable soundtrack for any cinematic experience, including the following suggestions: a pleasant wake ‘n’ bake sesh, a great day of surfing (in slow motion), driving through a snowstorm, or coming down off acid during twilight. It’s a big, orchestral sound with a cast of musicians who’ve worked with the likes of Bowie and the Pretenders, yet it’s as personable as a warm fuzzy, reminding me of an orchestral Mogwai (also from Scotland) but with less guitar distortion and more lush keyboards. This self-titled record does have one problem—it’s not minimal, but at only five tracks, it’s kind of a tease."

Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Kind of reminds me of Mono at times. I truly recommend it.


1. The Shallow End
2. Secret Things
3. Good Morning, I Love You
4. Love In The Time Of Anticipated Defeat
5. A Beautiful Day


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