Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mooncake, Lagrange Points

Russia, 2008.

Many a month ago (ok, it was in February) someone requested some Mooncake. I apologise for the delay and hope you enjoy this really cool instrumental band from Moscow.


1. Nine Billion Names... (to A. Clarke)
2. L2
3. Message From Arecibo
4. Rain In The Ashtray
5. L1
6. 444
7. Novorossiysk 1968
8. L4
9. Mandarin
10. L3
11. The Horizons
12. L5
13. Short Stories Of Methuselah Tree



Anonymous said...

At 128 kpbs!!!???? Its a crap!!

Anonymous said...

"At 128 kpbs!!!???? Its a crap!!"
If you want better quality, support the artist and buy the album!

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