Thursday, 20 May 2010

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, Ark 1

England, 2008.

Psychedelic/avant-garde/electronic/krautrock, all into one. This is one album you cannot miss.

"A serious slice of esoteric, eclectic freakbeat weirdness. Re-edited nuggets, long lost exotic psychedelia and krauty, disco beats are all mangled into previously unheard shapes."


1. Before We Start, If?
2. Get Ready To Fly
3. Dig It
4. Electric Bananas
5. Aglarsa Anam Aglar
6. Sunday Morning Sun-g
7. Don't Cry Girl
8. I Swim Around
9. Bubble Burst
10. Path Though The Forest
11. Light Years
12. Red Tuesday
13. Winter In June
14. Midas Reversed


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