Monday, 22 March 2010

Woburn House, Monstrous Manoeuvres In The Mushroom Maze

Germany, 2009.

Woburn House are a three-piece sludge/progressive/psychedelic metal band hailing from Bonn, Germany.

"Beautifully crafted, adventurous and inspiring - this unique band are always tough to pin down. Levitating between the bliss of the finest European avantgarde metal, epic song structures and earthy, organic post-rock tones, "Monstrous Manoeuvres In The Mushroom Maze" unfurls layer upon layer of beautifully textured melody that is driven by a bass drift that reminds us of classic early Lungfish in parts too. And all wrapped up in beautiful artwork painted by Toby Driver of Kayo Dot and mastered by the sound genius of Tom Kvålsvoll (Strype Audio)."


1. Omega
2. Oil
3. Globus
4. Transmitter
5. Transformer


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