Thursday, 18 March 2010

New Century Classics, Natural Process

Poland, 2009.

New Century Classics are an instrumental post-rock band formed in Krakow, Poland in March 2006. This is their first full-length album. Their sound resembles Collapse Under The Empire and Immanu El.


1. Post-Cards
2. Congratulate You, Where?
3. Hedgehog
4. Drift Motion
5. Sandbox Love
6. Children of an Uncertain Future
7. Seven Days
8. Buddha Pilot
9. Fish Went
10. Is
11. A Small Misunderstanding
12. Spiders in the Attic



bildungsroman said...

Hi, could you please link to our bandcamp page instead - it's a free download, but this way we can track the traffic =)


-Anna, New Century Classics

kollaps said...

absolutely, I've already changed the link.

thank you so much for sharing your awesome music. :)