Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mick Karn, Each Eye a Path

U.K., 2000

This is an amazing album by Mick Karn, who was the bassist for the now extinct band Japan. Coloured but also dark, this is an album in the true sense, where each track takes you in an unique travel and paradigm. It can be strange – and in that sense, a strangeness that reminds me of David Bowie, for no specific reason – but it is wonderous, truly felt and almost perfect music.


1. Up To Nil
2. The Salmon of Knowledge
3. Latin Mastock
4. The Forgotten Puppeteer
5. My Mrs T
6. Angel's Got a Lotus
7. Serves You Rice
8. The Night We Never Met
9. Venus Monkey
10. Left Big


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* * e d o * * said...

thanks for this i am a big Japan/David Sylvian fan and i have never seen this! i think i will post some Sylvian today!