Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ereb Altor, By Honour

Sweden, 2008.

Ereb Altor is an "epic viking doom metal" band influenced by Bathory and Candlemass. After a 2003 demo called “The Awakening”, their debut full-length “By Honour” was released by I Hate Records in March 2008. I think that this album is so damn good that even those who don't appreciate the genre will like it.


1. Perennial
2. Awakening
3. By Honour
4. Winter Wonderland
5. Dark Nymph
6. Wizard
7. Ereb Altor



eM!eL said...

Up until now I was blissfully unaware of 'epic viking doom metal' as a genre, but upon reading the term I had instant dislike of it.

Silly me downloaded this album anyway and behold: you were right - it's damn good. Thanks!

kollaps said...

it's a rather silly description, in my opinion, but since it is so widely used to describe Ereb Altor, I quote it anyway.

this album is goddamn awesome.

eM!eL said...

Well, as far as pigeonholing goes I guess it does make sense.

The new album The End leaked the other day aswell. To my ears it doesn't sound any less awesome. Admittedly, my ears are a little weird...

In the same kind of atmosfere the new Barren Earth album Curse of the Red River is worth checking out too.