Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sunwrae, Autumn Never Fall

Australia, 2009.

The exquisite Sunwrae Ensemble perform a grand spectacle of stunning chamber music on piano, vibraphone, string quartet, alto flute, clarinets, harp, double bass & drums. Dynamic, engaging and visually stimulating, Sunwrae stylishly captivate audiences, performing instrumental music by Artistic Director Rae Howell, textured with persuasive rhythms and spectacular improvisation.


1. Autumn Never Fall
2. Chinook Winds
3. Poly
4. The Machine
5. Soluble Sun II
6. Disappointing
7. Drawn Down



Anonymous said...

hi, big thx for your great job!
btw, the second song of this post is defect.
any chance fo an reup?

greetings, andreas.

kollaps said...

sorry about the delay.
I get really lazy about uploading albums and so I procrastinate until I forget all about it.

here is the reuploaded album:

let me know if it works this time. cheers.

Anonymous said...

no problem about the delay but sorry, its the same problem with the file (track2 is corrupt).

but - i enjoy your whole blog - there is so much music i'd never heard before, so be coolly !

many thanks,

kollaps said...

I'm sorry I couldn't solve it then... but I wonder if anyone else had the same problem. :/

anyway, enjoy the blog and thanks for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

it's better to actually support the artist and buy it from them instead of downloading for free. it costs them money to produce this.