Wednesday, 9 April 2008

*Shels, Sea Of The Dying Dhow

England, 2007.

Formed by ex-Mahumodo's Mehdi Safa in 2003, *Shels are a post-rock/post-metal/experimental band. A sort of crossing between Neurosis, Oceansize and Red Sparowes.


1. The Conference of the Birds
2. Indian - Part 1
3. The White Umbrella - Intro
4. The White Umbrella
5. Water
6. Sea of the Dying Dhow
7. Atoll
8. The Killing Tent
9. Indian - Part 2
10. Return to Gulu
11. In Dead Palm Fields



Tarquin said...

The link no longer works, A re up would be nice

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

link is dead

Tarquin said...

Managed to get this from elsewhere, I have uploaded it here:

kollaps said...

thanks, Tarquin.

I was trying to upload it to sharebee, but it failed twice.