Monday, 21 January 2008

The Gathering, A Noise Severe

Live in Chile, 2007

This live cd documents the final tour of The Gathering as most people knew them, with Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals. Unlike the previous live release, 2005's A Sound Relief, The Gathering's heavier side feature prominently throughout the entire concert, with a tracklist spanning most of their career.


CD 1 Download (MassMirror).

1. Shortest Day
2. In Between
3. Liberty Bell
4. Probably Built In The 50's
5. Even The Spirits Are Afraid
6. Saturnine
7. Monsters
8. Alone
9. A Noise Severe
10. Leaves
11. Eléanor
12. In Motion #I

CD 2 Download (MassMirror).

1. Waking Hour
2. On Most Surfaces
3. Strange Machines
4. Adrenaline
5. Third Chance
6. Black Light District
7. Travel

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