Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Mayan Factor, 44

US, 2005.

The Mayan Factor is a progressive rock group located at Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

The Mayan Factor have a very ethnic sound, using atmospheric percussion, mellow guitars, and various keyboard samples and tribal bass, reminiscent of Clann Zú at times. They are extremely melodic, with a very intense and heavy feel. They are somewhere in between progressive rock, folk, indie and alternative rock.

Terrible album cover, though.


1. To Kill a Priest
2. Terrorist
3. Propaganda
4. Hopi Elders
5. Ventrilaquist
6. Gosia
7. Yesterday's Son
8. Bondage
9. A Red Gone Blue
10. Jack Nicholson
11. Recon
12. Self Storage


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turbulenz said...

not the worst cover i've seen.