Monday, 6 September 2010

Keiji Haino & Pan Sonic, In The Studio

Finland/Japan, 2010

Monstruous collaboration between two of the leading projects within the realm of analog and digital manipulation of soundscapes and extreme noise. In this work Mika Vainio a.k.a. Pan Sonic delves into a more beat-based approach than most of his usual work while Keiji Haino offers us his extremely fuzzy, loud and psychadelic guitar and some weird vocal delivery.


1. So Many Things I Have Yet To Say
2. If I Could Incarnate This Feeling Would You Consider It A Creation
3. Imperious Doppelganger of Tears, Playing Catch With Objectivity That Evades Ultimate Responsability
4. I Wonder If We Have Become Wiser Than Gods By Making Worse What Already Is
5. This Trembling, No Longer Seems To Be The Axis At The Center
6. As Far As The Left Goes, It Is Starting To Look Red What About The Right, I Wonder What Colour it Will Be
7. In The Hollow Created Between The Eyebrows, What Offering Would Be Most Appropriate
8. Without A Doubt, An Attestation Written From That Time, Will No Longer Have Effect, Because The Wound Has Widened So Much
9. I Have Embedded It Approximately 2 Minutes And 7 Seconds Into The 4th Song, In Order To Return Here Whenever I Wish
10. Perhaps There Is No Need To Return
11. Preparation Is Unnecessary From This Point On, Leave Me


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