Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dog Fashion Disco, Adultery

US, 2006

This is to complete my previous post - to everyone who had never heard of Dog Fashion Disco. Shame on you. Their music is a fusion of metal, hardcore, jazz and lounge. This is a concept album, telling the story of a man who starts going insane after getting involved in a story of murder and rape.

1. The Uninvited Guest
2. The Sacrifice of Miss Rose Covington
3. Silent Film

4. Sweet Insanity
5. Desert Grave

6. Moonlight City Drive
7. Private Eye
8. The Darkest Days

9. Dead Virgins Don't Sing
10. The Hitchhiker
11. 100 Suicides
12. Adultery
13. Mature Audiences Only



eM!eL said...

To complete my previous comment - also a brilliant album. Very cinematic in feel yet still rockin' AND insane.

hybrisma said...

eM!eL, thank you for your comments and support.
I agree with you, these two albums are simply amazing. I really got into this stuff (and all the insanity is pretty awesome)!

Josué said...

Wow! Brilliant. Kinda reminds me of Mr. Bungle!