Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Worrytrain, Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom

US, 2007.

A fusion of neoclassical music and electronic noise by Joshua Neil Geissler. Over the last five years Worrytrain, living outside of Chicago, has quietly surfaced. From tapping cinematic and experimental fields, to blending genres such as modern classical and noise. The instruments most often heard are mandolin, piano and cello making melodies that are often gentle yet violent.

Fans of Rudi Arapahoe and Rafael Anton Irisarri will like this.


1. Prelude for Piano and Malaria
2. Celestial Police
3. For Auschwitz
4. Thundertrance Interlude
5. Achtung, God
6. Hospitalized
7. Soviet Passages
8. White Phosphorus Angels
9. The Moth Screamed Harvest
10. Saturniidae
11. Cambodia (piano duet)
12. Exorcism for Cello and Malaria
13. The Trenches Choir
14. Ode to Faithful Kataklysm
15. End Theme


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