Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Slow Six, Tomorrow Becomes You

US, 2010.

"Put this collective in the “rock” bin only because rock fans are so likely to like them. For while many Brooklyn bands bandy about the term “experimental,” Slow Six makes it meaningful with piercing string snippets, haunted motifs, and glassy—or is it Glass-y?—synths.

Call them post rock, call them chamber music, call them experimental neo-classical. No matter what you choose, understand that broad genre descriptors do little to describe the striking compositions of Brooklyn collective Slow Six."


1. The Night You Left New York
2. Cloud Cover (Part One)
3. Cloud Cover (Part Two)
4. Because Together We Resonate
5. Sympathetic Response System (Part One)
6. Sympathetic Response System (Part Two)
7. These Rivers Between Us


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