Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Return to Forever, Where Have I Known You Before

United States, 1974.

While not a huge jazz fan, Return to Forever has enough crossover appeal to lure people like me in. Formed by Chick Corea (soon after he played on Miles Davis's classic Bitches Brew) and the most underrated bass player ever, Stanley Clarke, this album was recorded with a then unknown (and damn young) Al di Meola and drummer Lenny White. The resulting album is jazz fusion at it's prime with more hooks than your typical jazz band. I'd usually single out Stanley Clarke's funky bass lines but Lenny White's performance here floors me every time, with an attention to detail second to none.

1. Vulcan Worlds
2. Where Have I Loved You Before
3. The Shadow of Lo
4. Where Have I Danced with You Before
5. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy
6. Earth Juice
7. Where Have I Known You Before
8. Song to the Pharaoh Kings

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