Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ours, Mercy (Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy)

US, 2008.

Ours had an impressive debut album (quite) a few years back, with Jimmy Gnecco's voice drawing comparisons with the late Jeff Buckley. Despite having delivered very little since, Mercy is their third album and was produced by Rick Rubin. I'm still undecided on whether this album is too unpretentious as they seem content on churning out no thrills alt-rock, not unlike Muse or The Killers. In spite of that, vocals are spot on and the album features a lot more instrumentation than most Rubin records.


1. Mercy
2. The Worst Things Beautiful
3. Ran Away To Tell The World
4. Black
5. Moth
6. Murder
7. God Only Wants You
8. Live Again
9. Willing
10. Saint
11. Lost
12. Get Up

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