Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Agalloch, The White EP

U.S., 2008.

Agalloch are a doom/neofolk/progressive metal band from Portland, Oregon, although the best term to describe them would probably be "pagan metal". Their sound is like a strange mixture of Opeth and Sol Invictus, combining folk elements, neoclassical interludes and dark metal. This freshly released EP is essentially a complement to their acclaimed release of 2002, The Mantle.


1. The Isle of Summer
2. Birch Black
3. Hollow Stone
4. Pantheist
5. Birch White
6. Sowilo Rune
7. Summerisle Reprise

Link (MassMirror).


Roberto said...

Gracias por esto, este estilo necesita renovación. Vamos a ver qué tal suena esta banda.

kollaps said...

De nada, Roberto. Esperamos que te guste el álbum. :)