Saturday, 16 October 2010

Amiina, Puzzle

Iceland, 2010.

"The songs on Puzzle are more rhythmically rugged than Amiina's previous work and feature heavier use of electronics. Amiina's long-standing fondness for zero-g melodies and open-minded instrumentation, however, continues."


1. Ásinn
2. Over And Again
3. What Are We Waiting For?
4. Púsl
5. In The Sun
6. Mambó
7. Sicsak
8. Thoka



turbulenz said...

this album is love, even though re minore is better.

FFTM said...

It's a very nice release, you can get it in perfect lossless FLAC quality at my blog, FLAC for the masses: Puzzle Amiina.