Monday, 30 August 2010

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Acme Plus

U.S.A., 2003

Yesterday at my favourite bar I heard this album playing. Their blend of many things that obviously include blues, alternative rock (with remnants of punk) and music genres based mainly on the pentatonic scale, left me simply amazed. Not having yet been confronted with JSBX earlier, my ignorance was blatant; These outtakes from the original Acme from 1998 are nothing short of world-rocking.


1. Wait a Minute
2. Get Down Lover
3. Confused
4. Magical Colors (31 Flavors)
5. Not Yet
6. Get Old
7. Bacon
8. Blue Green Olgs [Remix]
9. Heavy [Remix]
10. Lap Dance
11. Right Place, Wrong Time
12. Leave Me Alone So I Can Rock Again
13. Soul Trance
14. Electricity
15. New Year
16. Chowder
17. T.A.T.B. [For The Saints and Sinners Remix]
18. Hell
19. I Wanna Make It All Right (Zebra Ranch)
20. Radio Advert for Acme [Bonus]


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