Monday, 9 August 2010

Álfheimr, These Songs We Sing Will Fade to Silence

US, 2009.

Álfheimr is the one-person post-rock project formed in Portland, Oregon in 2008 by Madison Asche. Álfheimr’s first release was “These Songs We Sing Will Fade to Silence".


1. Wasted Time, Part One- The Moon Says ‘I Love You’
2. Each Day We Pass is Borrowed Time
3. It Shouldn’t Have Mattered
4. The Remnants of Our Shattered Lives Collide Like Glass on Glass
5. Hypnos & Thanatos (Breathing In, Breathing Out)
6. The Slow Approach to Midnight
7. Asleep and Falling There; Dead and Dying
8. Wasted Time, Part Two- You Will Look Back On Every Second You Have Wasted. You Will Never Be Prepared to Face This


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