Friday, 6 August 2010

Civil Civic, 1 + Run Overdrive/ Fuck Youth

UK, 2010

Civil Civic is a band formed by Aaron Cupples and Ben Green. The magnificent distortion you'll find on the guitars will carry you to spaces close to the ones you reach with bands like Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine. This is amazing. Believe me.


1 - Less Unless
2 - Baghdad Break
3 - C27
4 - E8-4AH
5 - Stacks ON

Run Overdrive/Fuck Youth:
1 - Run Overdrive
2 - Fuck Youth


kollaps said...

não sabes fazer um post de jeito?

Hcazach said...

pobre e mal agradecida!

kollaps said...

já não falo do conteúdo. podias era meter uma descrição e tags.

Hcazach said...

ok eu meto... Mas só pq pediste com jeitinho

kollaps said...

eu peço sempre com jeitinho. :*

f8 said...

my bloody valentine? what the fuck has CC to do with that shitpile?