Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Laura, Radio Swan Is Down

Australia, 2006.

Laura is a post-rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Since 2001, they have been producing music described as emotive, intense, cinematic, atmospheric and chaotic.


1. Radio Swan Is Down, Part 1
2. Is There No Help for the Widow's Son?
3. I Hope
4. Numbers Stations
5. Every Light
6. Lake Vostok Beachfront
7. It's Kind of Like the Innocent Smiles You Get at the Start of a Relationship Before You Fuck Everything Up
8. Radio Swan Is Down, Part 2
9. Patterns Not People
10. Cambridge Bypass
11. Another Near Miss



xFelix said...

thank you very much!
but track 11 in the rar file is corrupted, could you fix it, please?

kollaps said...

thanks for letting me know.
I've compressed the album again and I'm now re-uploading it. I'll warn you when I replace the link.

kollaps said...

I have now updated the link. hope it works this time.

xFelix said...

i'm sorry, but nothing changed.
perhaps it's my connection if the file works to you, I don't know.
could you upload only track 11 in another file?
thank you

kollaps said...

let me know if it works this time. (fingers crossed)

xFelix said...

OK, done!
thank you very very very much! :-)
in fact I often have problems with mediafire that is very fast but sometimes gives error.
I prefer megaupload, fast enough and reliable.
thanks again for all other posts too!

kollaps said...

you're absolutely welcome.

I usually opt for sharebee, so that everyone can choose their preferred host, but I have been having some trouble uploading anything there for the past few days.

anyway, I hope you enjoy the album.

xFelix said...

yeah, I will tell you.

hybrisma said...

thanks for this stuff.

kollaps said...

this stuff is good stuff.