Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Deserts Of Träun, Part III: The Lilac Moon

US, 2003.

David Murray's (Estradasphere, Sculptured) solo project is "a musical adventure allying the use of jazz, funk, classical, black/death metal, rock, fusion, world, video game and electronic music to sonically describe settings, character personalities and events to an original science fiction comic book epic."


1. Awaiting The Majesty Of Extremes
2. The Detective In Disguise
3. Report To The Fruitless Kingdom
4. The Detective & Gary Prepare
5. Searching The Swamps
6. The Court Of The Blackmetal Princess
7. Escape From The Crystal Caverns
8. Descending The Crystal Mountain
9. The Desert Of Träun
10. Greetings From The Lilac Moon
11. Seeking The Navigator
12. Prisoner In The Brig
13. Battle Upon The Space Galleon
14. Awaiting The Sun
15. Sailing The Electrolytic Ocean
16. The Gift Of The Whirlpool Vortex
17. Longing & Foreseeing
18. The Uncompromising Blizzard
19. The Cave
20. An Unlikely Visitor
21. Infiltrating The Fortress Of Absolute Zero
22. Showdown In The Atrium Of Fallacious Foliage
23. Homecoming In The Fruitless Kingdom
24. The Destruction Of The Elevator


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