Monday, 6 April 2009

Spastic Ink, Ink Complete

U.S., 1997

Even though the amount of musical notes hereby contained actually make my ears itch, this is the proof that Ron Jarzombek is either a lunatic or a tasteful musician; probably both.

It's not usual to find a record with such a sensible notion of music that eventhough positioned as virtuoso/fusion/progressive metal, finds its humility in blending and paying attention to such nuances as human speech factors, dynamic and complex tempo changes, and still find the humour to tell musical tales of a squirrel on the prowl for some breakfast or Thumper's scene from Disney's Bambi. still has a horrible sleeve.


1. Mad Data Race
2. A Morning With Squeakie
3. Just A Little Dirty
4. See, And It's Sharp!
5. Suspended On All Fours
6. A Wild Hare
7. Harm And Half
8. To Counter And Groove In E Minor
9. That 178 Thing
10. Eights Is Enough
11. Mosquito Brain Surgery


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