Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Long Distance Calling, Avoid the Light

Germany, 2009

Post-rock band from Berlin, formed shortly before 2006. "Instrumental rock music, based on heavy guitar riffing and shaking hands with psychedelic and calm elements. As most bands with this description tend to explore dark and depressive moods, these guys change between timid beauty and hard boiled reality in tough playing, always based on a driving rhythm section."


1 - Apparitions
2 - Black Paper Planes
3 - 359
4 - I Know You, Stanley Milgram!
5 - The Nearing Grave (ft. Jonas Renkse)

6 - Sundown Highway


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Media Reviews said...

this album is excellent. It's climbed all the way up to #5 on my 2009 Albums of the Year race. Dreamy, punchy, hooks, vocal harmonies. Well-composed pieces throughout. I hope more of your readers check it out.