Sunday, 12 April 2009

O.S.I. - Blood

U.S., 2009

In Blood, O.S.I. have succeeded in creating a fascinating album at the crossroads between rock and progressive metal. Music that alternates between atmospherically dense and aggressively demanding elements, while effortlessly transcending barriers between different styles and genres.
Following its impressive predecessors, Office Of Strategic Influence (2003) and Free (2006), Blood is the third release by Kevin Moore and Jim Matheos. O.S.I. unites two exceptional composers who share their penchant for the unusual and are on the same artistic wavelength.
- InsideOut Music

To be released April 27th in Europe and 15th of May in North America.

As for me, it left me speechless.


1. The Escape Artist
2. Terminal
3. False Start
4. We Come Undone
5. Radiologue
6. Be The Hero
7. Microburst Alert
8. Stockholm
9. Blood



closure said...

I dig. Didn't pay much attention to the previous albums, but this is good stuff.

kollaps said...

yup. damn good.