Sunday, 5 April 2009

Jim Matheos, Away With Words

U.S., 1999

In an altogether different fashion from his usual work and recognition as exquisite riff master in such bands as O.S.I. and Fates Warning, this sophomore solo release from Jim Matheos presents a nice and calm – remniscent of Michael Hedges – attitude.
Accompanied by Michael Manring and Charlie Bisharat, Matheos creates a gentle aura in the form of clean and "pure" themes; and although this one may not be a mind-blower, and even fade into the background sometimes, it might be worth relaxing for a while and giving it a listen.


1. A Way With Words
2. Palindrome
3. Astronomics
4. The Language Of Silence
5. Piscataquog
6. A Conference Of Clouds
7. Mumbo Jumbo
8. Tongue Tied
9. The Last Light Of August
10. Goodnight, Goodbye


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