Monday, 9 March 2009

O.S.I., Free

U.S., 2006

The astounding follow-up to Office Of Strategic Influence, in its special edition.


1. Sure You Will
2. Free
3. Go
4. All Gone Now
5. Home Was Good
6. Bigger Wave
7. Kicking
8. Better
9. Simple Life
10. Once
11. Our Town

Bonus Disc:

1. OSIdea 9
2. Set it On Fire
3. Communicant
4. When You're Ready (demo)
5. Remain Calm
6. Old War



Steven said...

First album is a lot better. This is a little too nu-metalish in places.

turbulenz said...

they're different, and both quite musically adequate to the subjects and matters on which they focus.