Sunday, 1 March 2009

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, The Century of Self

US, 2009

After the proggy overindulgence of their previous two albums, these Texans gracefully balance the dynamic alt rock of 2002's Source Tags & Codes with their more recent multimovement epics.


01 Giants Causeway
02 Far Pavilions
03 Isis Unveiled
04 Halcyon Days
05 Bells Of Creation
06 Fields Of Coral
07 Inland Sea
08 Luna Park
09 Pictures Of An Only Child
10 Insatiable One
11 Ascending
12 An August Theme
13 Insatiable Two



kollaps said...

que preguiçoso na tag. :P

Hcazach said...

depois ficava bué longo no "menu"

bleak said...

acho bem.

bleak said...

(postarem aywkubttod, não a etiqueta, que ficou estranha.)