Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Deadboy & The Elephantmen, We Are Night Sky

US, 2006

Visceral indie rock duo Deadboy & the Elephantmen began as a solo project for singer/guitar player and ex-Agents of Oblivion/Acid Bath member Dax Riggs in 2000. He spent four years playing with a rotating cast of local characters before hooking up with New Orleans-born singer/drummer Tessie Brunet in 2004. Recorded in Houma, LA, their Fat Possum debut, We Are Night Sky, was released in February 2006.


1 - Stop I'm Already Dead 
2 - No Rainbow 

3 - How Long the Night Was 
4 - Ancient Man 
5 - Dressed in Smoke 

6 - Blood Music 
7 - Walking Stick
8 - Kissed by Lightning 
9 - Misadventures of Dope 
10 - Break it Off 

11 - Evil Friend
12 - What the Stars Have Eaten 


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Droid Sektor said...

Dax Riggs freakkkkkinn rulezzzz. He put the Lousianna bacon stench on heavy serial killer lullabye meisters Acid Bath and now he does the same on the folksy spektre. Hail the fingered paintings of a dude clearly insane. Thanx Dax, and thanks Spiralcircus.