Monday, 21 July 2008

Phideaux, Doomsday Afternoon

U.S., 2007.

Doomsday Afternoon is the seventh studio album by American musician Phideaux Xavier, and the second part of his projected "Trilogy" of albums dealing with "Big Brother" authoritarianism and ecological crisis. So far, this album is considered by Xavier to be his masterpiece. The album's regular musicians are supplemented by members of the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra and listeners will hear musical passages reminding of Pink Floyd and Camel.


1. Micro Softdeathstar
2. The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Part I)
3. Candybrain
4. Crumble
5. The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Part II)
6. Thank You For The Evil
7. A Wasteland of Memories
8. Crumble
9. Formaldehyde
10. Microdeath Softstar

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Jon said...

What a great album. One of the best music I've heard. ^^