Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Darkness At Noon

U.S., 2005.

Darkness at Noon is the second studio album by the folk duo, Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost. Their music is inspired by eastern European and particularly Balkan traditions, being mostly instrumental. The album's title, Darkness at Noon, is a reference to the Arthur Koestler novel of the same name. Simultaneously, the first song from the album, Laughter in the Dark, is another novel reference, but to Vladimir Nabokov.


1. Laughter in the Dark
2. The Moon Under Water
3. The Water Under the Moon
4. A Black and White Rainbow
5. For Slavoj
6. Europa
7. Pastelka On the Train
8. Goodbye Great Britain
9. Our Lady of the Vlatva
10. Wicky Pocky
11. Portland Town


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