Monday, 14 July 2008

Gazpacho, Bravo

Norway, 2003.

Norwegian art/neo prog band Gazpacho were formed in 1996. Their music has been described by one critic as being "classical post ambient nocturnal atmospheric neo-progressive folk world rock". Despite not being a very technical prog, Gazpacho's music is quite enjoyable and well produced.


1. Desert
2. Sea Of Tranquility
3. Nemo
4. Ghost
5. California
6. The Secret
7. Sun God
8. Mesmer
9. Novgorod
10. Ease Your Mind
11. Bravo

Link (MegaUpload).


BronDune said...

Thanks a lot for sharing good progressive and alternative rock music ;o)

kollaps said...

You're totally welcome. :)
Thanks for visiting!