Monday, 1 November 2010

Gazpacho, Missa Atropos

Norway, 2010.

Another conceptual album by Gazpacho.

"Gazpacho envisaged a story of a man who cuts all ties to the world and moves to a lighthouse to write a mass for Atropos and to taste true solitude. The title is also a wordplay on misanthropy which supposedly plays a part in the concept as well. The album tells the story of what happens inside his head and includes three of his attempts to write the mass as well as the final Missa Atropos."

To be honest, this album hasn't moved me like their two previous releases, but maybe it's just a matter of time.

Playlist: 1. Mass For Atropos I
2. Defense Mechanism
3. I Was Never Here
4. Snail
5. River
6. Mass For Atropos II
7. Missa Atropos
8. She´s Awake
9. Vera
10. Will to Live
11. Mass for Atropos III
12. Splendid Isolation
13. An Audience


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