Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Maserati, Pyramid Of The Sun

US, 2010.

"Knowing what Maserati have been through during Pyramid of the Sun's creation makes it hard to consider the album on its musical merits alone. A year ago, they lost drummer Gerard Fuchs in an elevator-shaft accident. They were already working on Pyramid, and that gives the resulting LP a double shot of gravitas as one of Fuchs's final recordings and also a tribute to him."


1. Who Can Find the Beast?
2. Pyramid of the Sun
3. We Got the System to Fight the System
4. They'll No More Suffer From Hunger
5. Ruins
6. They'll No More Suffer From Thirst
7. Oaxaca
8. Bye M’Friend, Goodbye


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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and to see this on the top after listening to it on repeat for the last.. 7 ho7urs, I think I'll stay for a while :D

This album is absolutely fucking incredible, highly recommend it to everyone who can spare the mb. And if you can't delete something for it, it's a must-have in my eyes. AOTY.