Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Stroszek, Songs of Remorse

Italy, 2007.

Stroszek is the acoustic project from Frostmoon Eclipse guitarist Claudio Alcara, playing music in an acoustic/folk-metal vein. "Songs Of Remorse" is built upon carefully strummed minor-key acoustic guitars, deliberate yet restrained piano lines, bursts of textured heaviness and deep, lush, cleanly-sung vocals that relay a sense of dread beneath the surface.


1. A Nightwalk In Partille
2. Color Of The Street
3. The Night Porter
4. The House Told Me
5. Stones In My Throat
6. The Railroad Track
7. Not Even The Half
8. Slow Sleep
9. Was It Worth The Wait?
10. Wheels To Rust
11. Sand


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